Class Sessions
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1 Week Trial
Experienced CrossFitters  come train with us for the week

Local Sydney residents are invited to test themselves with a new challenge
Experience our fun community and meet the inspiring coaches at Play before deciding on the best membership for you.
Once only offer - new members only - not for visitors or travelers
Limit: 3 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit
Beginner On Ramp
Are you new to CrossFit style training?

Do you have no or limited experience with Olympic lifting or gymnastics?

Our Private or Small Group Beginner On-Ramp  is the best Trial for you
get 7 classes over 2 weeks with no ongoing commitment.

Develop the confidence, skills, and correct technique to thrive in group classes, Play's Beginner on- ramp is pivotal in your CrossFit journey.

Our 3 session program provides people of any fitness level with the foundations of CrossFit training. It ensures a safe set up with the tools needed to get the most from high skilled elements of CrossFit programming.

At your first session, your coach will explain our class format and booking system so you can see how the normal week will flow as a regular member. Each class is technique focused with short workout that will get your heart pumping for CrossFit.

Choose the best fit for your Start:
Group session 1 starts every monday for upto 6 people
Morning Group 7am
Evening Group 7:15pm
session 2 & 3 are Tuesday and Thursday

Or choose Private training at a more convenient time one-on-one with a coach

The price also include a second week of CrossFit classes complimentary.

Total 7 session over 2-weeks
First week 3 on-ramp classes; M/T/Th at 7am or 730pm, plus Saturday 9am 
Second week 3 classes any time, no open gym
The best start to your crossfit journey with No ongoing commitment

Limit: 7 Sessions
Programs: CrossFit, On Ramp
From A$99.00